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Legal notice

VendingOutlet-International LLC informs you, that browsing their webpages, also means you accept the following terms:

The webpages of VendingOutlet-International LLC, their content, or any of their components are subject to copyright.

The owner of VendingOutlet-International LLC reserves the exertion of these rights exclusively.It is forbidden to make use of, reproduce, confer, distribute, modify, or store the entirety or parts of these webpages' contents, without a written permission from the owner ofVendingOutlet-International LLC. VendingOutlet-International LLC however allows the contents of these sites to be stored on your computer, or to be printed, for your private use.

The contents of VendingOutlet-International LLC's webpages are to be understood in their originally written, unchanged form.

It may happen, that changes are made to the webpages not intended to be made by and outside the control of VendingOutlet-International LLC, so - if the law doesn't command otherwise - VendingOutlet-International LLC doesn't take responsibility of any kind regarding the punctuality, reliability, topicality or the content of the webpages appearing in front of you, in regard of the informations, documentations, or other written materials.

VendingOutlet-International  LLC reserves the right to modify, rework, restrict access to, or terminate the webpages. VendingOutlet-International  LLC doesn't guarantee that access to the website will be always available, or error free. The website is provided "as is", which means that VendingOutlet-International  LLC doesn't take any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the access of this website, its informations, documentations or other written materials, their direct or indirect use, the unusable, erroneous or deficient state of the website, or any loss or damage caused by a system malfunction, or misunderstandings.

VendingOutlet-International  LLC doesn't take responsibility for content created, forwarded, stored, made accessible or published by a third party connected to or linked from the webpages of VendingOutlet-International  LLC.

Some webpages of VendingOutlet-International  LLC may set rules different from current policies set by law, so learning and accepting the up-to-date regulations and terms of use is required to access and use some of the services.

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