Useful information before buying

Useful information before buying


Our company does not do direct transport. We work Ex Works (ExW) parity, which means all responsibilities and arrangements regarding shipping are the buyer's responsibility. If our partners are unable to find a suitable carrier, we can assist in the search and request for quotes, provided that the purchasing intention is serious and the vending machines have been reserved.

Used Vending Machine Conditions:

Understanding the conditions of used vending machines is key to a successful purchase.
There are four main categories that influence the equipment, condition, and price of the vending machines:

  1. As they are/Warehouse condition: This is the lowest category for used vending machines. The machines are not inspected, and we cannot guarantee that they contain all the necessary components for operation. The machines are handed over in an uncleaned state. The advantage is that we can offer coffee vending machines, snack vending machines, drum vending machines, and beverage vending machines at extremely favorable prices. We recommend this category for those who have the knowledge and means to make the machines fully functional.

  2. Complete condition: The complete condition is not recommended for end-users. In this category, the machines have all major components, but their operation is not guaranteed.

  3. Tested: Machines in the tested category are inspected and examining essential functions. However, the tested machine category is still not recommended for end-users as it may not ensure problem-free operation. The test provides feedback on whether the machines are capable of basic functionality. Please read detailed information and the tasks performed during testing in the article:Without refurbishment, a tested machine may not be suitable for problem-free operation.

  4. Refurbished: Refurbished vending machines undergo testing and then receive a complete cleaning, replacement of components, and, upon request, custom design and modifications. In this category, we offer a 6-month spare-parts warranty for the machines. We recommend this category for end-users, novice operators, or those who do not wish to perform further modifications on the machine after purchase.

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